MRO@nalytics BI

MRO@nalytics Business Intelligence (BI) provides a single portal for corporate users to access the vital strategic MRO decision making tools needed to support day-to-day activities conducted through their primary ERP or EAM systems.

At its core MRO@nalytics BI is built upon a cloud based framework that can aggregate and normalise MRO data sourced across multiple systems using standard web services.

The integrated suite of MRO@nalytics BI tools then work together to enable you to leverage this ‘big data’ so realising your wider corporate MRO strategic goals while maintaining a clear focus on business risk. Select what services you need, leave what you don’t.

Deployed as SaaS (Software as a Service), designed for collaborative working and with a configurable presentation layer, MRO@nalytics BI is securely accessed using any modern web browser with internet access.

Critical Stock Level Analysis | Excess Stock Redeployment | Stock & Supplier Evaluation | Quantitative Risk Assessment | Reliability Centred Maintenance | MRO Knowledge Management | Material Master Development | Equipment Criticality Analysis | New Build Maintenance Task & Stock Definition

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