Maintenance Diagnostics

A maintenance diagnostic is a useful tool for identifying areas for improvement in the maintenance organisation.  It plays an important role as a precursor to any improvement initiative, ensuring that improvement efforts are correctly focused and maximum return on investment can be realised.  The maintenance diagnostic comprises two elements as follows:

Reliability Assessment

The Reliability Assessment compares the current behaviours of employees, among the departments supporting the maintenance function, to a set of best practices.  The best practices are processes, techniques, and innovative uses of resources that have a proven record of success in providing significant improvement in cost, schedule, quality, performance, safety, environment, and other measurable factors that affect the health of  the organisation.

Financial Assessment

In the financial Assessment, we look at the effectiveness of the maintenance programme.  An effective maintenance programme delivers the right work at the right time so that fire fighting activities and non value added work is reduced.  This requires a move from reactive to proactive maintenance. Using bench marks for world class maintenance we can estimate the potential savings to be gained by implementing a proactive maintenance strategy.   This include savings in labour, spares and production losses.   The financial assessment quantifies the size of the opportunity and aligns itself with reliability assessment recommendations.