Software Solutions

Asset Dynamics Asia is a reseller and implementor of the Bentley Assetwise Performance Management (APM) and MRO@nalytics BI solutions.  Together these products provide the complete end-to-end solution for management of plant reliability and performance optimisation.


Bentley Assetwise Performance Management (APM)

Bentley Assetwise Performance Management (APM) delivers results by formally documenting and deploying the asset reliability strategy, transforming diverse sources of asset condition data into a single, real-time view of overall asset health to support proactive asset management. With APM, Operations and Maintenance together have the power to make informed asset care decisions with real-time information.  Click here for more information.



MRO@nalytics Business Intelligence Tools are at the forefront of a new generation of cloud based services specifically designed for industrial users. Leveraging the ‘Big Data’ managed within clients ERP/EAM systems, they enhance the effectiveness of a suite of a reporting and analysis tools designed for maintenance, production and logistics personnel. MRO@nalytics BI is used both at single site level and scaled across whole enterprises. Web deployed, mobile ready, user configured, functionally integrated, securely accessed and most importantly – rapidly implemented.